THE SHEPHERD’S HUT has been shortlisted for the Christina Stead Prize for Fiction


The New York Times, 12 June 2018


Tim spoke with Jane Hutcheon on ABC TV's One Plus One show about Simon Baker's new movie Breath, based on Tim's novel of the same name, as well as writing The Shepherd's Hut. Listen to the interview here

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As part of his national author tour for The Shepherd's Hut, Tim gave a series of talks at The School of Life about writing the book and how it set him thinking about boys, men and toxic masculinity. You can listen to the podcast here (note - there are some ads to start - just wait a minute for the interview to begin.)

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Tim Winton joined Claire Nichols on ABC Radio National's 'The Book Hub' to talk about his new book, and its sense of place. You can listen to the audio here

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Tim Winton appeared on ABC News TV  'Matter of Fact, with Stan Grant. You can see the interview here

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Tim Winton appeared on Studio 10 on Network 10 to talk about The Shepherd's Hut and also toxic masculinity.

You can here the interview here.

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Tim appeared on ABC Radio on The Conversation Hour with John Faine and author Nicole Hayes. You can hear the interview here.

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Tim Winton spoke to Shevonne Hunt on Kinderling Conversation on the Kinderling website for parents and carers. Listen to the podcast here.

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Richard Glover talked to Tim Winton on ABC Radio Drive. You can listen to the discussion here

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TOUR March 2018

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